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The Dandy Digger began its development process years ago in 1964 while the McMahons were in the fence contacting business. The need for a machine that could dig in all types of tough conditions and yet be fast and agile on residential lawn jobs as well became very evident.

After the first unit was built and in use for some time other fence companies in the area began having the McMahons dig holes on contract in order to speed up their fencing production. The McMahons had become very involved in the hole contracting business, working in a three state area for many different fence contractors. Eventually, these companies began to have the McMahons fabricate them a digger of the same design for their own use.

The engineering in the Dandy Digger is the result of over four decades of field experience with thousands of use hours in all digging conditions. Dandy Digger takes great pride in the development and manufacturing of this very high quality product, knowing that it will be an asset to the professional fencer’s business.





What Can Dandy Diggers Do

The Dandy Digger 30-25 boring unit, as with the complete line of Dandy Digger models, is an all around total fencing machine. The digger unit has the ability to dig from 2” to 42” diameter holes and up to 9 ft. plus in depth. The unit efficiently drills under all conditions including chunk rock and concrete, brick and whatever else and yet be a fork lift, front end loader, post driver system, concrete handling and dispensing systems, for all your fencing equipment needs, fabric stretching and more, you name it we have it!
With multiple options installed, the machine will:

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